Wooden Pergola

Wooden Pergola

Our gazebo, with your personal touch!

gazebo is just a cover from the sun and rain? Not for Srujan! With different fabric and aluminium frame colors, as well as individual printing, our gazebos become part of your company, your events; and above all, part of your unforgettable moments. Amish Gazebo and Vinyl Gazebo are two demanded gazebo preferred.

Traditional Amish Gazebos are constructed of wood. Customers love the look, feel, and overall richness that wood offers. Wood can be painted or stained and refinished. Garden Gazebos constructed with wood also provide a warm atmosphere for an at-home feel.

Vinyl Gazebos offer the convenience of low maintenance while still retaining a traditional look. Our vinyl garden Gazebos are a modern take on traditional Gazebos. The clean lines and brilliant finish of vinyl Gazebos offer an attractive alternative to wood. Creating a special atmosphere at every step & for everyone. What are you waiting for? Give your gazebo your personal touch!

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    November 20, 2021

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